Zu's really horny for babies. I used this as a fun little thingy at furaffinity during the downtime, and these were the options given:

"Well look who shoved you over and stood above your face! It's a soaking wet panty-less Zu! This situation will give us a few different outcomes. Which one would you choose?!"

A: Tell her you don't like babies and fuck her in the arse instead.
B: Rub your dick against her frontbutt to lube it up, then shove it up her butthole.
C: Say you've heard about her reputation of what a buttslut she is, then stick in her ass.
D: Teach her who's boss! Bend her over and penetrate her anus!
F: Inform her that you wont procreate unless you've married, but you're OK with anal sex until then.

Of course, it's too late to vote now, but if you want to answer anyway, that's fine!

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E: Tell her she got her info wrong and that you make her pregnant through buttsex
Even tho too late to vote, I say D.!
i chose the one were she becomes pregnant is that vote 6
5 would probably make her happiest.