Here's my first finished thing since 2 months or something, a commission: Broken Expectations.
My to draw list is really long and I gotta juggle lipsyncing at the same time as well, so it'll take some time to get through it. Blah.

I've worked a bit on the character pics as well.

Ellie's Gardening Outfit (Might need color correction...)

I actually forgot to add shading to Johanna's eyes, so I fixed that real quick.
Johanna Nude
Johanna Underwear
Johanna Clothed

Zu's Winter Outfit got color corrected a bit.

And so did some of Sofi's outfits:
Sofi Summerwear
Sofi Winter clothes

I've started working a bit on Sixten again, too. Giving him some facial expressions and a better skintone.
Sixten Nude
Sixten Underwear
Sixten Clothed

I might do some lipsyncing streaming later tonight as well. We shall see!
That's all for today!
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