Psycho Girl
The silent, smiling, left-handed, psychotic serial killer.

•Full Name:
Mikaela Blomquist


~1.75 meters. [5’9”]

~75 kg [165lbs]

Sunday, November 23rd, 1986

•Eye Color:

•Hair Color:

•Favorite set of clothes:
Mikaela is often seen wearing inconspicuous clothing to help avoid unwanted attention. She often steals clothes from her victims, unless they're too badly damaged or stained.

She's chosen a rather normal looking outfit as her favorite. Here's what it looks like:

A white T-shirt.
It has a small collar and a few buttons. It's a little discolored, but still her favourite.

A purple skirt.
It's harder to spot the stains on this garment, as it is a darker color. It's loose fitting and offers better mobility than other skirts or trousers she’s tried.

A pair of white panties.
Just a simple pair of panties.

A pair of white socks.
Soft, girly socks. Nothing interesting can be said about them.

A pair of black shoes.
She steps into dirty and messy things very often, and the dark color of her shoes hide most of it.

•Breast size:
Her boobs are surprisingly big.

Sweden, Granköping. She's taken over an old cabin deep in the woods, where she lives on her own. No one ever has any business out there, so it's a perfect hideout for her. The few who do are lucky if she’s not at home at the time.

Serial killer. It's hardly a real job, though...

Mikaela's face always has a forced or twisted smile on it, though that smile can be mixed with a few other emotions. Depending on the situation, the smile can be very pleasant or very frightening and disturbing. The smile may vary in size, but it's always there. She never utters a word, but she can vocalise, usually in the form of a giggle or hum. However, it's very rare.

Her emotion has to mostly be read through her eyes, but that's not very easy. The easiest emotion to tell from her eyes is lust. But if it is for blood or sex, you might not find out until it is too late. You don't want to keep eye-contact with her for too long, it's a bad sign in any case. Her calm and uncaring manner is frightening enough.

Behind her constant smile and fearsome eyes, lies a very intelligent brain. Mikaela is almost always spotless when it comes to not leaving tracks, she's very clean and precise. Even in her home, everything is neat and tidy. When it comes to her murderous acts, the victim may be all over the place, but there will very seldom be a trace of Mikaela. Even if she happens to leave some DNA behind, it won’t help investigators since she lives outside of the system.

Mikaela is also less affected by pain than normal people. So even if she gets hurt, she'll keep going. Depending on the type of wound, she'll continue to chase her victim or retreat back to tend to her injury.

Mikaela likes hunting, perhaps a bit too much. Small animals for food and survival, and humans mostly for fun. She was a Girl Scout as a child, so she knows how to put up traps and how to track and catch animals without a firearm. With humans, it's a whole lot easier.

Needless to say, Mikaela likes to murder people. It gives her an odd feeling of satisfaction, and sometimes food for a long time.

Unlike animals, humans are much easier to lure into a trap, particularly using her powers of seduction. She absolutely loves the moment when her victim realizes they're going to die after she’s given them a false sense of hope.

Sometimes, she takes advantage of her victims predicament to pleasure herself sexually before she kills them. Most of the time that can be hard to set up, so instead of going through all that trouble she usually shows up late at parties when everyone's already drunk and just fucks some guy or two, then leaves without a trace.

Mikaela also likes to strike horrific fear into her victims. It's not as easy, but when she succeeds, killing her victim slowly is almost too much for her to bear, it gives her a special kind of satisfaction. She likes the feeling of being totally in control of the fate of another living being..

Mikaela really dislikes rowdy and loud people. They get targeted more often than people who keep to themselves or those who are more level-headed.

After being locked up in a mental hospital, Mikaela grew to loathe hospitals, doctors and psychiatrists. You'll never see her approach a hospital building of any kind willingly, and if she spots an ambulance or other emergency services personnel elsewhere, she's quick to disappear from the area.

If there's something that Mikaela does not tolerate, it's when a potential victim of hers escapes. If they escape, there's a bigger chance of her getting caught. So she's going to hunt them down until they have been killed, or she's at risk of being discovered. It is not often that her victims escape.

•Favorite Food:
Human meat.

•Favorite Animal:
Rabbit. Tasty and easy to cook.

•Important/Dear items:
Her kitchen knife.
Thick, sharp and durable. It is her favorite weapon and she is quite skilled in handling it.

An axe.
Used for chopping up wood, and her victims.
Primarily she uses it to collect firewood in the winter.

Where she cooks and it keeps her cabin warm in the winter.

Along with the axe, she found a toolbox filled with various tools. Even though they're not in top condition, they come in handy.

•Goal in life:
Survival, and to never get locked up anywhere again.

•Greatest fears:
To be locked away in a psychiatric ward again and getting drugged out of her mind.

She has no relationships with anyone. She's a psychotic killer and a lonewolf, what did you expect?

Karl and Maja Blomquist. Both swedish, and both dead.
Maja died from a heart attack when Mikaela was very young.
Karl was murdered by Mikaela when she was 13.

•Skills/Special Abilities:
She's very good at sneaking around and tracking, without leaving too many tracks herself.
She's also very good at stalking, luring and killing people discreetly.
She is surprisingly strong and quick on her feet.

•If You Could Have Three Wishes?:
Wish 1: "..."
Wish 2: "..."
Wish 3: "...Giggle~..."

•Random & Miscellaneous Facts:
1. Mikaela never speaks. Rarely, when in a really good mood, she'll giggle or at most hum some haunting melody.
2. Since she uses her good looks to reel in victims, she's sometimes been nicknamed “Skogsrået”, “the Huldra” in english, by locals. This is because similarities to the folklore entity which lives in the woods and takes on the appearance of a beautiful young girl. However, her back is hollowed out like that of an old tree. She might lure people out in the woods to get lost or to have sex.
3. Psycho Girl predates all of the other "main" characters I've made. She was originally created as a parody.

Mikaela was born and raised in the suburbs of a small city in Sweden with her two parents, Karl & Maja Blomquist. They were a happy family, and they loved their baby girl a lot. Mikaela got to play around with the children of befriended parents and everything seemed to be perfect.

But tragedy struck a quiet winter night when Maja passed away from a heart attack. Mikaela was only two years old at the time. Karl fell into state of depression while losing contact with most of his friends, most of whom he had only met through Maja, leaving him feeling very lonely and left out. But Mikaela was still there, so he channeled all of his emotions towards her in the form of love and care, keeping her close to him.

While it looked like a normal relationship on the outside, on the inside it was full of dark secrets. Karl, missing Maja dearly in his double bed, let Mikaela sleep in his bed with him. Sometimes, when he had been drinking, he'd start touching Mikaela. As time went on, he started to touch her more frequently and more passionately. Mikaela grew up thinking that this was normal.

At the age of six, Mikaela had started going to school. She started to make friends, so Karl had to be careful with how he handled the situation with his daughter. She was told to never tell anyone, not even her best friend, about what they did together. If she did, bad things would happen. He put his finger to his lips and made a shushing sound, and Mikaela would do the same with a wide grin on her face. Even though she looked normal, her friends could tell there was something odd about her.

As Mikaela grew older, the things they did evolved from fingering and oral, to sex, and later even anal sex. Mikaela loved her dad, much more than what would be called normal, and she would always look forward to their alone time during school and her free time.

She started going to the scouts when she turned 10, along with some other friends. There she learned how to hike, hunt, and discovered much more about nature and how to survive in it. By this point, many of her new friends saw there was something uncanny about her, and this thought spread to her old friends as well. Mikaela wasn't like them, she'd often go out by herself and her daily routine was generally a bit different from theirs. It wasn't a huge difference, but it was still there. There was just something about her that felt not quite right and because of this she often found herself isolated from the others.

Soon enough, Mikaela became hooked on scouting, and began reading up on hunting, hiking and everything to do with wilderness survival in the library. Her friends started to think she was becoming obsessed with the movement, when they themselves didn't care much for the actual scouting lessons and events and only took part for the social experience.

With increasing frequency, Mikaela started going off by herself to catch animals with her own traps whilst her friends were content to just hang out at camp. She began experimenting with cutting up and cooking animals, practising what she had read up on in the library. But this small taste of death eventually grew and she started to go overboard with her hunting. Instead of skillfully putting the animals to death, she began to torture them, enjoying their agony as they slowly died with a bright smile on her face.

As the years passed by, Karl started to lose interest in Mikaela’s body. He yearned once again for adult companionship, it was time he started to look for a new partner. Soon their “alone time” came to an end, much to Mikaela’s dismay. Soon he met a new possible partner, Martina. They started dating and got closer to each other whilst Mikaela watched from behind the scenes. She grew very jealous and angry at this new woman who was stealing her father’s affections. The last straw was when she caught them having sex.

She had snuck out of her bed late at night to discover once and for all why she couldn't sleep in her dad's bed anymore. As quietly as she could she slowly opened the door to Karl's bedroom. What she saw made her so angry that she just snapped. Her dad was making love to this stranger of a woman! Almost instinctively, she snuck in to the kitchen and grabbed the biggest knife she could find.

Without a word, she stormed into the bedroom and jumped at the couple, stabbing whoever was on top. It turned out to be her father. A hysterical and screaming Martina attempted to crawl away from under him as Karl began wailing in pain from being repeatedly stabbed. Martina's eyes met with Mikaela's for a split second. A twisted grin of fury and bloodlust spread across the little girl's face as she plunged the knife into Martina’s throat.

Mikaela watched as her father and Martina bled out, with a dumbfounded look on their faces. When her dad's lover had stopped gurgling blood and thrashing about, the house fell into an eerie silence. Only then was she happy again. She sat on the edge of the bed, and smiled.

Five days later, two police officers arrived at the apartment due to complaints from neighbors. A horrible smell came from there, and the school was worried about Mikaela being absent from class for so long with no word from anyone. However, when they knocked at the door, Mikaela opened up. Still smiling. The officers were disturbed that Mikaela wouldn't answer their questions, and her smile became more and more unsettling. The smell didn’t help.

When asked if they could take a look inside, Mikaela simply stepped aside. As they took a look around the apartment, everything seemed normal. The house was clean and tidy, but upon following the smell, they reached the master bedroom. A shocking sight met their eyes when they opened the door. The bed was covered in blood, with two mutilated bodies lying on it. The officers looked at each other, thinking the same thing. The girl!

As they turned around, Mikaela stabbed the female officer in the leg and ran. The officer fell over in pain but her partner caught her before she hit the ground. Despite her wound, she ordered him to leave her and chase after the girl.

Quickly and carefully laying his partner down, the male officer used his radio to report what had happened as he gave chase to Mikaela. Dashing out the front door, he caught a glimpse of her running down the street and promptly took off after her. Being only a child, she was no match for the trained police officer. It didn't take long before he had caught up to her and snatched her in his arms. Despite her struggling and thrashing, he managed to drag Mikaela to the ground, handcuff her and hold her down until backup arrived.

Mikaela turned out to be a troublesome case for the police. She never spoke a word, never reacted normally to any action or question, never showing any sign of emotion except for that eerie smile. On top of that, she’d have violent episodes. She was finally diagnosed as clinically insane and sent to a mental hospital when she stabbed the doctor that was assessing her with a pencil..

At first, she was kept in solitary confinement due to her violent episodes. However even through heavy medication and her bouts of insanity, she managed to keep a basic sense of rationality to her thinking. It took her a little while, but she figured out that if she ever wanted to get out of solitary, she'd have to start behaving how the doctors wanted her to.

For years, she began to act more and more like a “normal” person. She’d stay calm, eat and drink normally, never attacked a doctor or nurse. As difficult as it was at times, it eventually paid off. The doctors started to see her as less of a threat to other patients and health workers. After a few years she was moved from her solitary cell to another ward where the less dangerous patients were kept. Soon enough, she was reading books, watching TV and mingling with other patients as she desired. Her medication was reduced and she started to think more clearly again.

Then, one day, she was found to be missing from her cell. A full sweep of the complex was ordered, but she was nowhere to be found. The only trace of her escape was a nurse found dead, stripped and tucked away in a closet. The nurse was blonde, just like Mikaela, so it was assumed that she had managed to overpower the nurse and used their similar looks to escape. But no other clues were found.

The doctors and the authorities immediately began a desperate search for her, putting up roadblocks and giving local residents a description and photo of Mikaela to try and track her down. But after 10 years in the mental hospital, Mikaela Blomquist was not going to be caught so easily, having finally secured the freedom she so desired.

The moment she was out of sight from the prison-like asylum, she dashed for the woods and disappeared from the public eye. Her escape wasn't perfect though, the medication left her a bit woozy for quite a while and she got a lot of bruises and scratches stumbling through the forest in that condition.

When she felt safe enough, she discarded the nurses clothes. As luck would have it, she escaped during the summertime, and the warm temperatures kept her lightly clad body from freezing in the inhospitable woods. Her teaching as a girl scout enabled her to survive in the forest, with basics such as food and shelter quickly taken care of in order to lay low for at least a little while.

A few days after her escape, a girl in her twenties was found dead and naked in a ditch near a bus stop. Before authorities could connect the dots, Mikaela had already managed to get far away using the girl's clothes and money.

After several weeks of carefully avoiding population centers and major roadways, Mikaela eventually found herself wandering through the forest outside Granköping. There she happened upon an old road that had fallen into disrepair from an obvious lack of use. Tree branches hung over the path, weeds grew in the ruts that had been formed by vehicles long since passed, and there were no fresh tracks or tread marks to indicate that there had been any kind traffic on it for a long time.

Her girl scout instincts had her follow this road to a river, where it led downstream toward a more heavily wooded area. To her surprise, she saw smoke rising from the treetops above a dense cluster of trees. She recognized this as campfire smoke, which meant there was someone around who was isolated, alone and unsuspecting of the danger that had just entered the area.

Though Mikaela couldn’t describe it, she felt a sort of excitement growing inside of her at this sign of life. It was like her time in girl scouts, when the trail of a small animal told her it was time to hunt.

Instinctively she crept up on the source of this smoke. But rather than a camp, she found a cabin, carefully hidden and camouflaged in the trees. Beside the cabin there was an old man, using an axe to cut logs down into firewood before carrying them inside. Completely unaware of who was watching him from the darkness amidst the trees.

As he carried a stack of firewood into the cabin, Mikaela stepped out from the bush behind him in complete silence. When he had completely disappeared inside the building, she found herself drawn to the axe he had been using to chop wood. Lifting it up, she felt a certain kind of joy fill her heart. An anxious feeling returning to her that she had not felt since the last time she found a squirrel caught in one of her traps.

Withholding her urge to giggle, she took a firm grip on the axe and began to walk toward the door of the cabin. As the old man stepped out from his home, he immediately took notice of the young woman before him. The bright smile upon her face heralded the precise swing of the heavy blade into his chest, slicing through his ribcage, tearing into a lung and taking his breath away. He collapsed on the ground, unable to make even a single cry of pain as he looked up into Mikaela’s eyes and watched as she raised the axe up high and swung it down into his skull.

It was in the moments following this bloody kill that Mikaela had re-discovered that old excitement and bloodlust that she experienced as a child. An enjoyment she hadn’t experienced in so long, and she found herself yearning to feel it again. It was time to make up for the time she had lost in that boring mental hospital. With the previous owner dead, she took over his cabin in the woods. Making it her own, she planned her next course of action.

Soon after, she’d venture out again, this time turning her attention to the city and people of Granköping. But now that she was older, she felt something else was missing. It didn’t take long to discover that something was what her dad used to give her. So she started to seduce men, young and old, discarding their bodies after she was done. With her good looks, not many thought twice about her rather peculiar behavior. But soon she realized it was a big waste and could potentially expose her hideout. Instead, she settled with seducing them and then disappearing after the deed was done.

Mikaela's day-to-day life is now shrouded in mystery, murder and dark eroticism. The only things that are known for sure is that she's out there somewhere in the woods surrounding Granköping, living as a hunter. She tricks and traps people, killing them and cooking their bodies, just like she eats her prey from the forest. It's not uncommon for her to break in or stay in a victim's house, using and stealing their appliances and belongings for herself. Many have succumbed to Mikaela, and more will in the future. Her skills and techniques only improve over time.

Where will she strike next?

•Current Life:
She generally does whatever she feels like, no one rules over her. You can never know for sure what she's up to, but whatever it is, it's no good. If you ever decide to visit Granköping... Keep an eye out.

Psycho Girl is a hard character to write about. I don't want to give away too much detail, and I don't want to give too little. Hopefully I made a good balance between them, so she still seems like a threat.
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Is her name a reference to "The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo"?
I wanna kill with her
Her backstory is just as fucked up as mine. Its kinda creepy, even her currently is rather very similar.
This is a pretty good story. Good job.
Wow cool.
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