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Latest news
I'm gonna have people over a lot this week, and I already had a few strange things happen last week, so I'm not gonna be able to draw or animate as much as I could last and this week. I've sketched up a few drawings though, and I've progressed with Zara's lipsync a lot too. The majority of what's left is moaning, and they're much faster to lipsync than the speaking lines. Once I'm free again, I'll be sure to stream some of that again, ye.

I might stream some Hat in Time with my sister as well later this week.

Anyway, it seems that I only really managed to finish one drawing this week.
Rimmed and Throated, dickgirl Zu gets some action.

I've got some fan art to show off as well! This first one was made voluntarily, while the two last ones have been commissioned.
Ellie Butt, by NecroShix!
Johanna Gangbang, by Profit!
Ellie Spitroast, by g3mma!

Thanks a lot!

I still have a lot of drawings to catch up on, but I'm really rusty so a lot of things don't turn out the way I want...
I've downloaded some posing program to help me out. Haven't tried it out yet, but we'll see if does anything.
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