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Latest news
Sorry that I'm late once again. I'm sleeping during the day and am awake all night again, so I lose track of what days begin and end when.

Right now I'm waiting for the stores to open so that I can find something to make fitting soundeffects for the Sofi flash. We're getting quite close to having a second beta released of it soon. I just need to gather enough sound effects. I think sound is a very hard thing to get right, since I'm not really an audio guy. I don't know what you guys thought about the sound effects in the Ellie flash. I didn't see any comments about them at all, so I assume they were at least passable. No complaints is somewhat positive, ya? I'm hoping I can do better in the Sofi flash, but getting clean recordings are hard and so is finding fitting stsuff online. But I'm gonna try anyway.

Later this week my sister will live at my place for a while, so my production might go down for during that time... We'll see. I'm gonna try to have to fix my sleep cycle until then, hoahoa.

Before I go for today, I've got a single piece of fanart to show off!
Smugfi by Shrapnel.
Posted 14th of January 2020 - 09:00 by | 3 comments.