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Latest news
I'm about to start making animations for the last voiceline now, it'll feel good to finally be done with that. Although I have to make new animation for cum after that, so it's just one bothersome thing after the other, huff. I've been talking with FallowWing to make some sort of automated lipsyncing system, which I'll gladly do for the upcoming parts...

Anyway, I got a bunch of fanart this week! I've yet to draw anything myself, but I thought I'd make an effort to finish some once I'm done with the lipsyncing.

Most of it is commissioned like last week, but I did recieve one by Sparrow on his own initiative as well.

Sofi Anal, by Reliusmax!
Lollo Wall, by aaaninja!
Lollo Wall Cummy, by aaaninja!
Zu Gape, by... I don't know yet, I wasn't told who made it. I'll have to fill in this when I find out.

And Post-Phobia Sofi, by Sparrow!

Thanks a lot, all of these are very much appreciated!
On a side note, I like when the artist makes a title for their drawing, that way I don't have to make up a generic one myself when posting it on site...

Well, I'm gonna go back to lipsyncing, see ya next update with hopefully some drawings of my own.
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